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The RFID seal (Radio Frequency Identification) or E-Seal (electronic seal) device that transmit containers information as it passes a reader device and stop working if the containers has been tampered whit of damage.

The e – seal combine physical protection as well as a RFID sensor that can monitor for tampering to ensure the integrity and the control the position of container shipped around the world. The Device complies with ISO 17712: 2013 with require standards of Indian customs.

The other name is E-Seal (electronic seal) or RFID seal (Radio Frequency Identification). The E-seal has many types that has active, passive and semi-active. The passive E-seal is without battery.

It can substitute for tradition seals that often applies on gas, oil, truck and container. It can prevent the goods to steal by thief when customer build the security system. It also can provide automatic identification and help you to manage the trucks or containers.

Many Customs will use it to implement certification system of authorized economic operator (AEO) and use E-seal to enhance the efficiency of Customs clearance.

    Key Features

  • E seal is used to secure cargo on Intermodal transport
  • Including containers, trailers, rail cars, air cargo and other containers.
  • E seals reduce risk of pilferage and theft.
  • E-Seals avail of Direct Port Entry and enjoy reduced cargo examination at Indian Ports & also reduces time taken now for manual inspection procedures.
  • E-seals can speed shipments through the supply chain and increase visibility.
  • Ensures safety of cargo to consignees.


  • E-seal can't read any RFID DATA before use.
  • E-seal can read RFID DATA when closed.
  • E-seal can't read any RFID DATA after cutting.


Frequency UHF 860-960 MHZ Chip Alien H4 Protocol EPC Global C1G2 ISO 18000-6C Operating Temp. -30ºC to +80ºC EPC 128 Bit TID 64 Bit User Memory 128 Bits Reading Range > 10M Weight Pin-36.8g : Body-39.7g Length Pin-80mm : Body - 72mm



Electronic cable seals is a passive electronic UHF Security Seal that boasts long distance RFID reading and cost-effective single trip use.

Comprising of a security cable loop that is partially coated in plastic using a patented process, the cable can be inserted into a security locking chamber that includes an embedded UHF tag. The UHF tag is used for storing data related to the shipment. The UHF tag is activated by the cable insertion and deactivated by tampering with the security seal or removal.

This cable RFID seals data can be retrieved via RFID reader. The newest model is capable of reading the data at a distance of more than 10 meters. Part of the design feature of the product's antenna, is the capability of the UHF tag to be read from multiple directions. The quick reading capacity of the Cable seals gives it the feature of having the ability of being read rapidly from terminal gates that have RFID readers installed. The key benefit of using an RFID security sealing system, is that speedy verification fast tracks sipments and instantly reveals the status of the seal's security level.


  • Readable up to 10 meters distance by either handheld or mobile RFID reader.
  • Unique tamper detecting loop with kill tag option.
  • Tag is programmable with all details regarding the shipment.
  • Passive sealing device - no battery.
  • Fast and accurate electronic reading of seal data.
  • Inexpensive compared to other electronic seal solutions.
  • “H“ High Security certified according to ISO17712:2013 and C-TPAT.
  • Disposable seal - one time use.


  • ABS engineering plastic // polystyrene. Standard metal material.
  • 7x7 structural aviation wire rope, diameter 5.0mm, tensile strength is about 18000 N.
  • Tensioned structure, easy to operate, easy to use, and safer.
  • Opening method: cutting the wire rope with special wire cutters.


RF Protocol EPC Global, EPC Class-1 Gen-2 passive UHF RFID 860MHz to 960 MHz − ISO/IEC 18000-6 Protection 128-bit EPC Tag and seal tamper alarm, 96-bit Tag Identifier TID. 48-bit factory unique serial number. Read protection, Write lock, Access password, User password, User memory 320-bits IP44 Operating Temp. -20°C to +70°C Storage Temp. -20°C to +70°C Tag Dimension 20 x 52 mm Reading Distance 2Watt ERP 5-10 m on metal cargo container EU. 8 m // 30 ft on metal cargo container. Resistance Harsh factory environment Weight 69 g with 35 cm wire Seal Dimension H x W x D: 68 x 25 x 15 mm


The quality and functional aspect of the devices have been given top most priority. The company has been on the constant look out for losses securing during the transit of valuable cargo and has thereby set itself on the task of designing manufacturing and marketing quality locking product.

    Pack Seals industries superior solution offers the following benefits :
  • 100% Genuine E-seals supplied from our authorized vendor.
  • Offers the benefit of bulk upload facility on portal.
  • Easy to access & useful software on dashboard & mobile facility.
  • 24/7 support from our technical team for any queries related software & hardware.
  • Maintain 40,000 pcs stock to in hand.
  • Ability to supply on same day E-seals through Blue Dart, Shree Maruti Courier, DTDC Courier.
  • Have kept technical person on Nhava-Sheva Port, Mundra Port, Kandla Port, Pipavav Port , Haldia Port &
  • Kolkata Port for better services.
  • Additional E-seals Scanners / Readers available on port to work efficiently.



Chainway C4000 is an Android-based rugged mobile computer. With its powerful 1.3GHz processor and best possible battery performance, you can find this easy-to-deploy device an exceptionally valuable helper for your workers to increase their efficiency and productivity.


Chainway C4050 is an Android-based rugged mobile computer. With its highly customizable ability and abundant functions, enterprises can deploy this single device in many areas, including retail, warehouse management, logistics, asset tracking, fleet management and etc.

List of ICD's and Ports

Name of Port/ICD State Type Location Code Status
Krishnapatnam port
Andhra Pradesh Port INKRI1 Operational
Vishakhapatnam port
Andhra Pradesh Port INVTZ1 Operational
Marmagoa - Goa Sea Port
Goa Port INMRM1 Operational
Pipavav Port
Gujarat Port INPAV1 Operational
Hazira Port
Gujarat Port INHZA1 Operational
Kandla Port
Gujarat Port INIXY1 Operational
ICD Ankleshwar
Gujarat ICD INAKV6 Operational
ICD Khodiyar / Sabarmati
Gujarat ICD INSBI6 Operational
ICD Sanand
Gujarat ICD INSAU6 Operational
ICD Vadodara Dashrath
Gujarat ICD INBRC6 Operational
Mundra Port
Gujarat Port INMUN1 Operational
ICD Baddi
Himachal ICD INBDI6 Operational
ICD Patli
Haryana ICD INPTL6 Operational
ICD Whitefield Bengluru
Karnatka ICD INWFD6 Operational
Mangaluru port
Karnatka Port INNML1 Operational
Cochin Port
Kerala Port INCOK1 Operational
ICD Nagpur
Maharastra ICD INNGP6 Operational
ICD Tarapur
Maharastra ICD INBNG6 Operational
ICD Maliwada
Maharastra ICD INMWA6 Operational
Nhava Sheva
Maharastra Port INNSA1 Operational
ICD Talegaon
Maharastra ICD INTLG6 Operational
ICD Janori
Maharastra ICD INJRN6 Operational
ICD Nagpur
Maharastra ICD INBOK6 Operational
ICD CONCOR Pithampur
Madhya Pradesh ICD ININD6 Operational
ICD GRFL Ludhiana
Punjab ICD INSGF6 Operational
Punjab ICD INLDH6 Operational
ICD Kanech
Punjab ICD INSNI6 Operational
ICD Chawapail
Punjab ICD INCPR6 Operational
ICD Bhagat Ki Kothi
Rajasthan ICD INBGK6 Operational
ICD Thar
Rajasthan ICD INTHA6 Operational
ICD Jodhpur
Rajasthan ICD INJUX6 Operational
Tuticorin Port
Tamilnadu Port INTUT1 Operational
ICD Tiruppur Chettipalayam
Tamilnadu ICD INCHE6 Operational
Chennai Port (CITPL)
Tamilnadu Port INMAA1 Operational
Ennore Port
Tamilnadu Port INENR1 Operational
Kattupalli Port
Tamilnadu Port INKAT1 Operational
Tamilnadu ICD INHSU6 Operational
ICD Sanatnagar
Telangana ICD INSNF6 Operational
ICD Star Track Dadri
UP NCR ICD INSTT6 Operational
ICD Locoshed Moradabad
UP ICD INMBD6 Operational
ICD Kashipur
Uttrakhand ICD INHPI6 Operational
Kolkatta Port
West Bengal Port INCCU1 Operational
Haldia Port
West Bengal Port INHAL1 Operational
ICD Durgapur
West Bengal ICD INDUR6 Operational